My life on The Mesa is in rhythm and full of ritual:    grinding wheat, kneading dough, moving rocks, gathering wood, lighting the fire. 

No wasted motion - all part of my truth and devotion.  

Being present in this place is my work.                             

The Rio Grande flows a few miles to our East; the 600-foot deep Gorge carves its way through this rugged and delicate landscape.

Ringed by junipers and piñon, our surroundings are powerful and full of mystery. Behind us, a hidden river with petroglyph walls. In front, a Buddhist Stupa signals the way home.

An owl hoots. A yucca bursts into bloom. The songbirds flutter and rest. I glimpse a coyote; it disappears into the land ... awakens me at night.

I watch as a storm builds in the sky. Once again, I surrender into this space. My artwork fills itself with clouds.


Theresa Gray has been studying her environs and creating art for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Peter Halter, live off-the-grid near Taos, New Mexico. Dependent upon the sun and the rain to power their handmade home, they are committed to forming beauty from native materials and living a life of balance.  Always aware of their surroundings, the environment shapes their movement and inspires their work.    

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