Theresa Gray

Improvisation informs and permeates my life. Living off-the-grid fastens me to the land; this dynamic high desert shapes my movement, expands my vision, and inspires my work. 

"The work of Theresa Gray could be summarized in one word, presence.

With a perspective based in stillness, the paintings of Gray are intricate, delicate, and infinite." 

Matt Thomas, Former Curator, The Harwood Museum of Art

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"We feel like there is a picture window in our home with a view of the most beautiful dune grass landscape beyond." 

Kevin Toukoumidis & Greg Brisson

Mark by mark and line by line, I fill my work with messages.

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Inspired by the elements of our environment, Promise Of Beauty.


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I invite you to relax and take in my paintings, maybe pour yourself a cup of tea.
Please take great care and stay healthy.


Thank you for viewing my work.

With love, 

Theresa Gray


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123 Flag Road

Taos, New Mexico 87571